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Snow Fairy Floor Freshener is similar to the scent by the popular bath bomb high street retailer. A fresh, uplifting bubble gummy scent.
Simply spinkle the powder on to your carpets, sofa or mattress, leave for 20mins and hoover thoroughly. We recomend you always patch test before use. 
PLEASE NOTE: you have a 24 hour cooling off period to cancel your order. Once the 24 hours is up under no circumstances will a refund be issued once an order has been manufactured. Please read the return policy.  
Safety Data Sheets avalible on request.

Snow Angel Inspired Bag

SKU: 0003
  • All customers have a 24 hour cool of period to cancel an order. Once the 24 hours is up under NO circumstances will a refund be issued. Items cannot be returned to us due to contamination purposes. Up on placing an order you are agreeing that you understand and accept that we have a NO returns or refund policy in place, it is your responsilbility to make sure you read all the information provided about your product and our refund policy before ordering.